Thank you for visiting a brand new show where we ask the question: just how can individuals from different religions have sexual intercourse?

    Thank you for visiting a brand new show where we ask the question: just how can individuals from different religions have sexual intercourse?

    Thank you for visiting a brand new show where we ask the question: just how can individuals from different religions have sexual intercourse?

    We’ll be learning regarding how Jews, Mormons, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and ideally Zoroastrians (whenever we are able to find one who’ll keep in touch with us) have sexual intercourse.

    We’ll be asking the questions that are same each faith so that they can better know how your faith can shape your sex-life. This week we’re taking a look at how Muslims have sex.

    This show is dependent on the state teachings regarding the religion, perhaps perhaps maybe not just exactly just what people might elect to do.

    Are you able to have sexual intercourse before wedding?

    Nope, like plenty of other main-stream religions, making love before wedding is forbidden – or ‘haram’. As Muslim and journalist Faima Bakar explains: ‘No matter exactly exactly how ‘practicing’ or non exercising you may be, the 2 items that are taken quite really being a Muslim aren’t consuming pork and without having intercourse before wedding, although some tend to be more relaxed aided by the latter.

    ‘There’s lots of Muslims whom date but generally speaking without having intercourse because that’s considered a deal that is big someone to be conserved for wedding. And people that do have premarital intercourse are likely extremely quiet about this, though i really do believe they’re within the minority.’

    What exactly is intercourse like within wedding?

    Extramarital intercourse is just a big no-no, but within wedding intercourse is known as to maintain positivity and crucial.

    Emphasis is positioned regarding the need for foreplay. Muslims are forbidden to do something like pets, and intercourse without foreplay is known as to be acting such as an animal, therefore foreplay is really important.

    Seeking contraception?

    Yes. Islam is supportive regarding the utilization of contraception for family preparation purposes. The morning after capsule can be allowed, so long as the girl using it does not believe she’s conceived.

    Females have actually the ability to utilize whatever contraception they need, without their husband’s authorization, nevertheless they must not force their spouse to put on a condom or take out before ejaculating, each sex need to have control of their contraceptives that are own.

    Abortion just isn’t freely allowed – but could be permitted, especially in the event that maternity poses a genuine danger to the mother’s health.

    It’s also considered permissible to avoid the suffering associated with fetus if it’s less than 120 days old.

    In Iran, Grand Ayatollah Yusuf Saanei issued a fatwa which allows abortion in the 1st 3 months, saying: ‘…Islam can be a faith of compassion, and in case you can find serious issues, Jesus often does require his creatures n’t to apply their law. Therefore under some conditions–such as parents’ poverty or abortion that is overpopulation-then allowed.’ – Grand Ayatollah Yusuf Saanei quoted in Los Angeles Occasions, 29, 2000 december

    A grey area. Some scholars state that although it’s unwanted, it is acceptable.

    Big no-no. Rectal intercourse is regarded as to be ‘the sin of Lot’s individuals’ and it is perhaps not appropriate between hetero or homosexual partners.

    Needless to say, once we talked about, they are the formal teachings of Islam. There is Muslims that do have rectal intercourse, similar to there could be Jews whom consume bacon and Catholics who will be from the supplement.

    Period sex?

    No – maybe not on the menu. Muslims aren’t expected to have sexual intercourse during a woman’s duration or during her afterbirth, mainly since it’s regarded as unpleasant when it comes to girl.


    Unfortuitously perhaps perhaps not. Like lots of other major religions, homosexuality is not permissible under Islam. Guys who possess intercourse along with other males must be penalized, claims the Koran, though no punishment is specified.

    The passing of the Qu’ran which will be most frequently reported to forbid homosexuality can be follows: ‘And as when it comes to both of you guys who’re accountable of lewdness, discipline them both. And when they repent and enhance, then allow them to be. Lo! Allah is Merciful.’

    Females making love with females falls underneath the umbrella that is same.

    There are gay Muslims, but simply like in Christianity and several other religions, because individuals for the sex that is same marry, it is impractical to have marital intercourse into the eyes of this religion.


    Masturbation isn’t allowed for for males or ladies, but different regions of Islam just take slightly various stances ukrainian brides on exactly how incorrect it really is.

    Just just How sex good are Muslims?

    You can find a great deal of guidelines, but it’s considered to be an important and valued part of a marriage if you’re having heterosexual sex with a married partner, and she’s not on her period.

    It’s the women in Islam that have ‘rights’ to intercourse. Guys are designed to sleep along with their spouses at the least when every four months, though females can waive their straight to it.

    Next week we’ll be asking just how Sikhs have intercourse.