Delaware Brick-and-Mortar Casino Sector Advisory Board Holds State’s Fate, While Maintaining Cards Close

    Delaware Brick-and-Mortar Casino Sector Advisory Board Holds State’s Fate, While Maintaining Cards Close

    Delaware Brick-and-Mortar Casino Sector Advisory Board Holds State’s Fate, While Maintaining Cards Close

    The Delaware casino that is land-based is struck hard by increased competition from brand new markets in neighboring states, as the more recent and shinier casinos of Pennsylvania and Maryland outperform its three struggling, and highly taxed, racinos.

    Dover Downs is Delaware’s biggest and only publicly traded racino, but high taxes that are domestic increased competition over the state line means hard times for the home therefore the state’s two other racinos.

    The sector, which comprises Harrington Raceway, Dover Downs, and Delaware Park, peaked in 2006, the Pennsylvania began issuing its first casino licenses, when slot revenues hit more than $650 million year. By 2016, slots and table revenues combined had plunged to $398 million.

    Meanwhile, outfall from the brand new MGM National Harbor, which started in Maryland year that is late last stands poised to be the final nail in the coffin. That property caused other casinos in Maryland and West Virginia to ramp up their own advertising drives, drawing even more customers away from Delaware’s ailing properties.

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    The three racinos cannot compete because they spend higher state taxes than their counterparts across the edge, and they are begging legislators for help.

    Taxed From the Market

    This week, the Delaware’s Video Lottery Advisory Council (VLAC) met to talk about the status of Diamond State’s three casinos. The council is tasked with advising government policy on gambling and could urge lawmakers to pass through a casino relief measure.

    However the racinos will need to wait. VLAC will not publish its suggestions before the fall, and until then, it’s maintaining tight-lipped.

    Legislation that could have supplied relief by producing marketing and capital credits, while quashing the table game fee and lowering the taxation rate on table games, received short shrift in the General Assembly in 2015 and 2016.

    Begging for a Lifeline

    A large budget deficit has made it difficult for a bill advocating tax relief to gain much traction while there is sympathy for the racinos’ plight in the legislature. Still, something has become done, says Ed Sutor, president and CEO of Dover Downs Hotel & Casino, as he urged VLAC to toss the racinos a lifeline.

    Sutor told the Delaware State News that a simple concession that could be easily enacted should be to permit the racinos to work on Christmas and Easter, which may generate an estimated $2.25 million more.

    ‘We’re the casinos that are only the country that shut down completely on Easter and Christmas,’ said Sutor. ‘We can’t give up, folks, and we can’t sit another year out of not doing anything.’

    Impossible Chances? Betting Sites Offer Lines on Political, Celebrity Absurdity

    Governmental betting markets are doing their best to keep appropriate because the highly engaging 2016 campaign that is presidential by offering online bettors unique lines on occasions that seem to have little chance of occurring.

    Lines on Kid Rock plus The Rock’s future in government are two markets on offer at governmental betting websites. (Image: Terry Renna/Associated Press/WWE/Collage by

    From Kid Rock’s running for the United States Senate to talk for the Rock creating a serious bid for the White House in 2020, political betting networks are trying to keep a connection between celebrity entertainment and political impact. It truly worked in 2016 with Donald Trump.

    Betting on political outcomes is illegal through the United States (even in Las vegas, nevada), but American politics is a popular exotic bet across Europe and elsewhere on earth. offers change wagering, which is a slightly different variant of wager that trades shares in real time on predicted outcomes of political events. (Exchanges charge a commission on trades as opposed to establishing odds.)

    Kid Rock for Senate?

    Musician and avid Trump supporter Kid Rock has recently teased a bid to run for Michigan’s US Senate seat in 2018 against incumbent Democrat Debbie Stabenow (D). Nevertheless, betting money is currently against Rock officially operating.

    PredictIt shares of Kid Rock, aka Robert Ritchie, running can sell for 40 cents, while no, he won’t run shares are at 60 cents. Carrying out a tweet in early July from rap star that revealed a yard indication reading ‘Kid Rock for people Senate,’ shares claim that is laying the concept that he would indeed run soared to 70 cents.

    Rock observed the image with a statement of political philosophy that read, ‘we believe if you work your butt off and pay fees, you ought to be able to effortlessly navigate the laws, income tax codes, health care, and anything else the government puts in spot that affects us all.’

    The 46-year-old singer from Michigan hasn’t run for or held elected office, but that don’t stop the existing American president. Ritchie reportedly has yet to file campaign that is official, however, which undoubtedly factors into why the PredictIt line remains open.

    President The Rock

    Bettors, of program, need to be mindful to not confuse Kid Rock with The Rock. PredictIt is asking whether actor Dwayne Johnson will throw his name into the ring for the US presidency in 2020.

    A campaign committee called ‘Run the Rock 2020’ recently did file paperwork aided by the Federal Election Committee, which appeared like a larger action in a direction that is serious. The Rock, however, isn’t really behind the organization wanting to elect him. It’s instead the ongoing work of the fan who merely hopes he’ll run.

    Even though the seed’s been planted, enthusiasm for a Rock presidency is rather low on PredictIt. Shares that Johnson will run are trading for 25 cents, while owning ‘no’ can cost you three quarters.

    PredictIt’s willingness to offer the market on Johnson despite his public declaration that he’s not also considering a 2020 run recommend that celebrity lines with virtually no opportunity of striking are a revenue that is popular for the exchange., meanwhile, gives the actor a 3.5 % chance of actually winning the White House, comparable chances it offers for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who’ll turn 35, the age that is minimum allowed for A united states president by the Constitution, in 2019.

    Exactly What Hath Paddy Energy Wrought

    Sites and areas such as for instance PredictIt may be seeing the value of offering opportunities for wagering on wishful thinking and irrational fears, but really these are typically simply after in the footsteps of Paddy Power.

    The Irish that is infamous bookmaker the conventional for allowing individuals to bet the unthinkable, at onetime asking customers whether or not then-President Barack Obama would be assassinated.

    Paddy Power’s current odds on the champion of this 2020 election feature Trump as the(2-1 that is favorite, followed by Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and current Vice President Mike Pence at 15-2.

    But a slew of ridiculous names are included on chances sheet. Leonardo DiCaprio (80-1), Kanye western (100-1), Beyoncé (200-1), fictional House of Cards president Kevin Spacey (200-1), and Kim Kardashian (275-1) are just a few of the picks available for those who think they could see something in a longshot that is extreme.

    Macau Police Bust Scam ‘Pop Up’ VIP Casino Op

    Director of Judiciary Police Chau Wai Kuong said that gaming related crime in the gambling hub remained ‘serious’ despite the apparent recovery that is economic. (Image: Macau Everyday Times)

    Macau authorities have busted a bogus ‘pop-up’ VIP casino racket that bilked high-rollers out of millions in presumably crooked baccarat games, based on the South China Morning Post.

    The police investigation began in June after a man told authorities he have been defrauded of HK$4 million (around $500,000).

    Officers through the Judiciary Police raided an unidentified hotel in the gambling hub on Wednesday, arresting 15 men and four women, all from the mainland that is chinese.

    They have been accused of luring high-rollers to hotel rooms that your gang had gone to elaborate lengths to disguise as genuine VIP rooms.

    Ruse Meticulously Planned

    Police said the ruse, which was in operation since 2015, was intricately executed and planned, with members of the gang posing as dealers, VIP hosts, VIP room operators, protection guards and shill gamblers so that you can trick their victim.

    Four ‘customers’ were based in the process of being scammed whenever police swooped on according to Macau’s public broadcaster, TDM wednesday.

    Significantly more than HK$75 million ($9.6 million) worth of gaming chips were bought at the scene. While reports would not specify, it is likely these had been ‘rolling chips,’ non-redeemable tokens issued to high rollers by casino as credit to gamble with, rather than the kind of chips which can be exchanged directly for cash. HK$200,000 in hard money was additionally seized, around US$25,600.

    The suspects, aged between 35 and 53, are facing numerous charges, ranging from fraud to owning a criminal syndicate.

    Last week, 15 mainlanders had been detained and accused of running a loan-sharking that is high-interest focusing on casino gamblers in the Cotai Strip.

    Taking Crime Seriously

    Gaming-related crime has risen within the enclave since Beijing’s anti-corruption drive almost 36 months ago. The crackdown on the junket industry has put the squeeze in the gambling hub’s unlawful underbelly, with reports of a increase that is sharp triad-related crime.

    Police have said that the number of illegal detentions, which mainly involve the forced collection of gaming debts by loan-sharking triads, are up 11.8 percent year-on-year, after having almost doubled between 2014 and 2015.

    ‘Although the performance of Macau’s gaming industry has stabilized since the 2nd 50 % of final year, the gaming-related crime situation remains serious,’director of Judiciary Police Chau Wai Kuong said this week in a statement.

    ‘We have actually witnessed an escalation in the amount of situations of unlawful detention related to loan-sharking operations,’ he included. ‘As such, police have strengthened patrols, having detected 20 situations of gaming-related unlawful detention in a single day.’

    Macau’s Judiciary Police recorded a total of 734 suspected gaming-related crimes in the 1st five months of this year, up by 74 instances compared with the corresponding period of 2016.

    New Jersey’s Chris Christie Urges President Donald Trump and Congress to Support States’ Rights in Online Gaming Battle

    New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) put his signature on a bill later last week that urges President Donald Trump, members of his administration, and Congress to oppose any legislation that will prohibit individual states from authorizing and regulating gambling that is online.

    New Jersey State Representative Vincent Mazzeo has authored a bill that asks federal leaders to rebel against any measures that could impede states’ right in the gambling that is online, and it’s gained the support of Governor Chris Christie. (Image: Jackie Schear/Press of Atlantic City)

    Introduced by State Rep. Vincent Mazzeo (D-Northfield) in January, the joint resolution seeks to inform the president and Congress on how internet gambling enterprises are playing a vital role within the recovery of Atlantic City. Of course, it’s an opinion just plus one that carries no given fat, as state governments have no direct input into federal laws.

    The issue that is main again the Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA), legislation that would reverse a 2011 US Department of Justice opinion that stated the longstanding Wire Act applied just to activities betting, and not other forms of gambling.

    Mazzeo’s resolution explains, ‘Recent federal measures, such as [RAWA], introduced in the 114th Congress, if pursued by the 115th Congress and supported by President Trump and his administration, would prohibit the transmission of cable communication of any bet or wager … including internet gaming.’

    A copy associated with legislation that is signed being sent to the president, United States House and Senate leaders, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and different other political powers in Washington, DC.

    Internet Gaming Wins

    Garden State politicians have plenty of reason to guide Mazzeo’s bill. Atlantic City’s staying seven casino operators are finally publishing gains, and online gambling is playing a leading part in the recovery that is fiscal.

    Through June, land-based gaming win is up 1.5 percent. However, internet gambling has soared over 28 percent, bringing the casinos’ bottom line to 3.5 percent.

    Web gambling has delivered $121.4 million to operators through June, about $26.6 million ahead of where they certainly were this time around year that is last.

    ‘A federal prohibition against internet video gaming would directly and negatively impact New Jersey by dismantling the investments that the State and Atlantic City casinos have actually already made,’ Mazzeo explained.

    iGaming’s prominent role in revitalizing Atlantic City is just why Mazzeo had small trouble in garnering support for the resolution that is joint. Just a single ‘nay’ vote came in from either chamber, State Senator Shirley Turner (D-Mercer) being the lone opponent.

    Not Biting

    There doesn’t seem to be much enthusiasm in Washington to take up RAWA, or similar anti-online gambling legislation. Past committee hearings in the House and Senate did not change the fact that most in Congress just are not terribly spent in discussing internet gaming prohibitions at the federal level, a matter that the Republican-controlled Congress would seemingly prefer to leave up to each state to choose for themselves.

    RAWA was introduced into their respective chambers by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) and former Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah). It’s largely thought that those actions came during the behest of Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson, a powerful gop financier who has made it his life’s work to block iGaming.

    After lingering for 2 years, RAWA has not been re-introduced to Congress for its 115th session.

    Scott Blumstein Wins $8.15M at World Series of Poker Main Event with Three-Outer on River

    Scott Blumstein, a 25-year-old medium stakes poker pro from New Jersey, decided to play his World Series that is first of tournament several weeks ago, the 2017 Main Event. It switched out to be always a pretty good decision, as late into Saturday night, Blumstein survived an initial industry of over 7,200 entrants to collect $8.15 million and also a jewel-encrusted champion’s bracelet worth another half-million.

    WSOP 2017 Main Event winner Scott Blumstein, now in a much higher tax bracket he entered the World Series of Poker’s most prestigious tournament two weeks ago, says fame and fortune will not change who he is than he was when. (Image:

    It had been not long after midnight Pacific Time on Sunday morning, on hand 256 of the WSOP Main Event final table, Blumstein defeated Pennsylvanian Dan Ott to become poker’s “” new world “” champion.

    ‘I’m still in shock,’ Blumstein told reporters afterwards. ‘ I thought I would get even more emotional that the things I got in real time but it is just the best feeling, I can’t even put it into words.’

    First Time’s the Charm

    This was the first time Blumstein had ever ventured to the Rio in Las Vegas to play live in a World Series event despite making a living as an online grinder back home in New Jersey.

    Because of the November Nine concept scrapped in favor of three consecutive portions of final-table play, broadcast with a 30-minute wait by ESPN on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Blumstein started the brand new format last table with a chip lead that is commanding. It was a lead he relinquished only once over the course associated with the match, whenever crowd that is jovial and British granddad John Hesp briefly wrestled top spot through the chip-stacking juggernaut.

    Hesp busted out in fourth, setting up a night that is final of action between Americans Blumstein and Ott, and France’s Benjamin Pollack.

    Two Plus Two Equals $8.15 Million

    The short-stacked Pollack had everything to get and was willing to get his chips in and gamble. Ultimately, however, he hit the rail right after 9 o’clock PT, after some intense action that is three-way.

    Pollack shoved from the button with Q-T, while Ott lived up to his name, coming over the utmost effective (OTT in poker parlance), re-raising all-in from the small blind with K-9. Blumstein saw potential to go on it all down right there, and called from he big blind with A-Q. Blumstein ended up being ahead pre-flop, plus the entire competition could have ended then and there. Rather, a master on the flop Ott that is tripled-up and Pollack to the rails.

    The last moment ended up being postponed for another 60-odd hands, and when it came, it arrived via a piece of luck for Blumstein, who played solidly throughout the 10-day occasion. With most of the chips going in pre-flop, Ott was ahead with A-9 versus Blumstein’s A-2, but one of three remaining deuces hit regarding the river, ending the Main Event and assuring Blumstein a spot in poker history.

    The champ that is new that, although the cash is nice, it’s not going to alter his lifestyle all that much. The Temple University graduate, who holds an accounting degree, told WSOP officials after his win:

    ‘just two weeks ago I was a New Jersey online nothing and grinder has really changed.